Click on the name of an actor to see their IMDB listing. There may be so much more than you realized about a person that would make them a very entertaining addition to your convention lineup!

For instance, Vaughn Armstrong has appeared as more characters than any other actor on any of the Star Trek series and leads the Enterprise Blues Band, while Chase Masterson has several song and dance numbers she performs. There are so many, you’ll just have to read them all.

Some of them offer more at conventions in addition to the standard Q&A, autographs and photo ops, so check out the asterisks.

* Costume and makeup for photo ops
** Concert
*** Standup comedy


With her years of working on 3 Star Trek series and two of the movies, Lolita Fatjo has built good working relationships with many of the stars of those series. For several years, now, Lolita's been heavily involved in the convention world both as a guest and as manager for these stars' appearances. Now you can keep up with what these actors and actresses are doing professionally, some of their personal interests, and find out how to book them for your upcoming convention.